Mindset | Self-Development
The “accountant’s brain” has been trained for the problem-solving work. Being surrounded by other people’s problems trains your accountant’s brain to actually see more problems. Your brain is a problem-solving machine, and it’s time to coach your critical thinking mind to combat habits and work-related stress.

Presented by Suzy Jacobs

Chief Trainer
Activator Academy

Suzy Jacobs is an entrepreneur, Chief Trainer and in-demand speaker & MC. In March this year, the week Australia shut down due to Covid, Suzy launched her latest venture, Activator Academy.

She has spent more than 20 years working across business and franchise ventures, including four of her own start-ups. Her clients include Comm Bank, Finder.com, PR Warrior, Deloitte, Baker & McKenzie.

Suzy specialises in working with entrepreneurs and business leaders, helping them move from being stuck and disillusioned, to empowered and unstoppable.

Suzy joins us here today to teach you how you can choose a stress-free life.