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Xavier, recently acquired by Receipt Bank, is Xero’s emerging app partner of the year for 2020 and its mantra is “Effective reporting starts with accurate data”. Xavier is trusted by thousands of accounting professionals for accurate data and advisory. Xavier is a toolkit of intelligent data clean-up, bookkeeping and compliance tools designed for Xero professionals. Increase your revenue with value-added health-check services and more accurate client pricing. In this session, you’ll see a live demonstration of the product, learn more about the 30-day free trial for Xavier at https://xavier-analytics.com/launch and get access to an introductory offer.

Luis Sanchez

General Manager, Receipt Bank Asia Pacific

Luis is a Harvard-educated MBA with over 20 years of global experience with several multinationals including JP Morgan, General Mills, Visa and Intuit.  Ten years ago, Luis moved his focus to accountants and bookkeepers. He spent seven years with Intuit in America, doubling the size of their accounting business before joining Intuit Australia in 2016 as Marketing Director. In 2 years, Luis tripled the Intuit Australia business from 53,000 customers to 161,000 customers.  He joined Receipt Bank in October of 2018 and manages the team based out of Sydney’s commercial business district.

As the General Manager for Receipt Bank Asia Pacific, Luis now works closely with the Receipt Bank global leadership team to shape Receipt Bank’s strategy, scale operations and bring the benefits of real-time accounting to thousands more businesses. Receipt Bank recently acquired Xavier, an award winning toolkit for Xero accounting professionals. 

“Over the last 10-plus years, I’ve seen firsthand how the right tools can make or break a business. That’s why it’s been so inspiring to see how Receipt Bank has enabled accountants, bookkeepers and their clients to focus on what matters. Tens of thousands of accounting firms can now spend more time helping their customers, instead of just dealing with paperwork,” Sanchez explains.


Receipt Bank is excited to announce that Xavier is now available across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Xavier helps maintain the highest standards of accounting data quality for your clients, while seeing the number of transactions and accounts at a glance.
See for yourself and take a deep dive into the product that is giving accountants and bookkeepers more reliable data. 

We’re offering a free 30-day trial today at xavier-analytics.com/launch & access special introductory offers by speaking with one of our team members.xavier-analytics.com

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