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Cash Flow | Forecasting | Funding
As the global spread of COVID-19 continues, managing cash flow and funding during COVID-19 is key to business survival. Learn the steps to forecasting in uncertain times and the framework to understand options available for your clients.

Stuart Donaldson

Founder, Banyan Co

“Wide-eyed, fascinated, intrigued and ready to act” — a declaration loudly shared by attendees at all of Stuart’s events.

Stuart Donaldson is an advocate for business owners, former banking and finance executive, powerful communicator, and renowned presenter of financial disciplines. As a facilitator and keynote speaker, Stuart has crafted a style that resonates and engages and is built around his own real-world experiences and observations.

Stuart is high-touch, hands-on in his approach, and has an uncanny and universally appealing ability to transform audiences’ view of financial concepts from confusing and complex, to simple and intuitive. In his keynotes, workshops and consulting work, he strips back the language of finance to a storyline everyone understands.

As a standout in the world of business presentations, Stuart is in high demand across Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific, Singapore and the USA. He has worked alongside scores of business owners, franchise groups, industry associations and professionals.

Through his passion for surfing, Stuart appreciates that wipe-outs occur in business, too. With structure and discipline, these can be avoided, and businesses can thrive.
Stuart has a bachelor of business (accounting) degree and an Advanced Diploma in Financial Services.