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MUST-ATTEND virtual workshop for accountants looking to ramp up their advisory business! 

Join Accountants Daily for a brand-new workshop designed for all accountants looking to drive more business from their SME clients. 

The Accountants SME Playbook has been specifically designed for principals and their team to help you build the bridge from compliance work to providing business advisory services and ramp up your income. 

Presented by SME finance specialist, Stuart Donladson, this virtual, interactive and information-packed workshop gives you practical tools and techniques to help you get your clients to listen, engage and collaborate with their forward planning. 

Stuart shares with you applied and tested methods to communicate with SMEs so that you can strike interest and engage them for longer-term planning by identifying success drivers and building action plans.

This high-touch, hands-on workshop will help you turn the theory into practical solutions and turn the language of finance into the language of action.

Join Stuart at The Accountants SME Playbook to work through case material and cover:

  • Productivity (the single biggest driver of business success)
  • Profitability
  • Cash flow, and
  • Financial strength

We share how to:

  • Cut through the clutter and strip away the mystery of reading and interpreting financial statements
  • Introduce concepts that bring the numbers to life and present a powerful communication opportunity to drive efficiencies into the business through goal setting and forward planning
  • Create a business scorecard and narrow it down to the metrics that matter
  • Explore the power of benchmarking and what you can do to implement

And much more! 

Stuart Donaldson
Stuart Donaldson

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